Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Future Is Here. Are You Paying Attention?

Consider this. If everyone in the United States who could work from home (about 40 percent of the work force) did so half of the time, the annual results would be as follows:

  • $200 billion productivity gains by American companies
  • $190 billion savings from reduced real estate expenses, electricity bills, absenteeism, and employee turnover
  • 100 hours per person not spent commuting
  • 50 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions cut
  • 276 million barrels of oil saved, or roughly 32% of oil imports from the Middle East
  • 1,500 lives not lost in car accidents
  • $700 billion total estimated savings to American Businesses
Given this data, is it any wonder virtual and hybrid meetings are also gaining in popularity with hosting organizations? It is important meeting professionals make sure their skills include this sustainable option. Suppliers should update their company's services to make sure they take advantage as well.

This IS "business as usual" and our industry should worry less about researching our economic impact and worry more about being relevant in today's business climate.

Data Source: The Virtual Company, Inc. Magazine, April 2010, research by Telework Research Network.

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