Friday, October 21, 2011

Green Drive Saves Hilton $74 M in Two Years

Today's headline from Environmental Leader says it all. If you read the article you find the data to back up this claim. Here's the story in financial and environmental savings:

LightStay, the sustainability measurement system used by Hilton Worldwide and its portfolio of 10 hotel brands, has saved the company more than $74 million since its launch in 2009.

To date, Hilton Worldwide’s efforts are equivalent to the removal of more than 50,000 cars from the road, water savings that could fill more than 1,000 swimming pools and energy conservation that could provide power to nearly 20,000 homes a year, the company says.

Saving Green By Going Green is a vital business strategy for meeting and event industry suppliers and planners alike. Thanks to Hilton for sharing these statistics and further dispelling the myth that green practices cost more!

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