Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ready to Tackle Food Waste?

Ready to save £ 724 million a year?

A report, entitled "The Composition of Waste Disposed by the UK Hospitality Industry" estimates that over 3.4 million tonnes of waste is generated by hotels, pubs and restaurants every year. The report, published by the Waste and Resources Action Programme, says detailed research shows nearly 80% of this could be recycled with food waste representing a "particular opportunity." The Hospitality Industry can play a leading role in the US as well, but it means change and we sometimes struggle with that.

Take for instance, Portland, where we recently began a home composting program to capture food waste. It is hauled away with our yard debris--weekly, I might add. While some of my neighbors have embraced and adapted to the change, others are fighting it as if garbage is one of our unalienable rights. Seriously, folks, it is food waste!

Here's hoping this change is easier to tolerate in the Hospitality Industry as it means substantial savings right off the bottom line.

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