Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Which Way To SustainLand?

This weekend I had the pleasure of taking my niece for her first visit to the theme park of her dreams. As the organization is always touting their sustainability initiatives, I was looking forward to the trip on several levels. Imagine my surprise when I found the following:

  • Polystyrene cups for all beverages
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Individual condiment packets
  • Side dishes served in individual plastic clam shells
  • Minimal drinking fountains (I found one in three days) which meant I had to purchase bottled water instead of refilling my reusable bottle
  • Recycling available for bottles and cans only and not next to every trash can
  • Staff members with polystyrene food containers
  • All the trinkets in the many stores were labeled "Made in China"
  • Plastic bags used exclusively to put the trinkets in
  • Even the cotton candy was packaged in plastic bags or plastic buckets
Based on these daily practices serving tens of thousands of guests, they may want to consider some making changes to Tomorrowland!

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