Friday, June 1, 2012

100% Sustainable Meeting

While on holiday in the San Juan Islands earlier this week, I was lucky enough to discover an ancient Native American meeting area overlooking the water.

photo of Native American Meeting Site by Nancy Zavada

Standing back from the site, I considered how effective and collaborative all meetings would be if this is where we still met today.  Gazing out over the bluff or at the meadow would certainly beat the windowless, over air-conditioned rooms where we gather in 2012 to stare at Powerpoint slides or our smart phones. 

And the early meetings certainly did a better job of sustainability...

  • No bottled water
  • Local food
  • Sustainable seafood
  • No disposables
  • No airline transportation
  • Sail or human powered boats
  • Accommodations that you pack up and take with you

I must admit though, it scares me that I ponder these things while away from work. 

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