Monday, June 11, 2012

Why Bother?

Really, isn't enough...enough?  Haven't sustainability and green run their course?  Why is business still talking about doing "the right thing" for our planet and its people?  Because, here in 2012, it is good business.

According to Katherine Manfredi, Conference Partners, and Andrew Walker, E3 Strategy, during their GMIC Conference session, the Seven Key Benefits of Being a Responsible Business are:

  1. Brand Value and Reputation
  2. Employees and Future Workforce
  3. Operational Effectiveness
  4. Risk Reduction and Management
  5. Direct Financial Impact
  6. Organizational Growth
  7. Business Opportunity

With the trending benefit of Responsible Leadership.

No wonder business, especially big business, is still bothering!

For more information: If you attended the GMIC Conference, their slides are now available in the proceedings.  Take a look!  If not, email me and I will forward their contact information.

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