Monday, April 22, 2013

You Have Probably Heard it is Earth Day

photo of Tillamook Bay Oregon by Nancy Zavada

It's Earth Day.  You can't miss it.  Every product, service, news show and community is parading out it's finery, boasting about how they save the planet.  What good global citizens we are on Earth Day.  Wonderful!  This doesn't need to be a day of boasting (we, Americans, can't help ourselves), but if flag-waving is what it takes to get more people conscious of the environmental issues, then I am all for it.

What's missing for me is the celebration of all we have accomplished day in and day out for the past year.  An acknowledgement of each change we made, sustainable initiative we implemented, and our progress (not perfection) from where we were 12 months ago today.   A recognition of our friends, co-workers, vendors and clients who have been our partners every step along the way.

So today I celebrate and give thanks to all of my partners who have made such great progress this year.  Together, we have tried new things, made a few mistakes and learned along the way.  As the momentum has grown over the years, it is really quite amazing to reflect on what we have done together!  I look forward to this next year where we will do the same, day in and day out, quietly leaving this planet better than we found it.

Thank you!

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