Monday, April 29, 2013

Confessions of a Dumpster Diving Team

Over the last six years MeetGreen has collected a wealth of information about event impacts.  We have entered 40 client events into our MeetGreen Calculator which provides a meta-indicator of how successful our clients have been at improving event sustainability through policy, procurement, implementation and measured results.  We are thrilled to see their efforts continue to improve overall year after year.

In addition, 32 of these events have delivered data about carbon, waste and water impacts.  We audit and analyze this information to filter for reliability and completeness under our ISO 20121 management system.

Based on this information, we estimate the average daily footprint of a typical event attendee at events we have worked to be as follows, which provides us with a baseline of comparison for client events:

319 pounds carbon dioxide per participant
 10 gallons water use at venues per participant
1.4 pounds of landfill at venues per participant
3.6 pounds of waste at venues per participant
 ("waste" includes all event discards, e.g. landfill, recycling, compost and donations)

This above is an excerpt from our 2012 Corporate Report.  For more information about how our event sustainability management system plays a key role in aligning our project teams to pursue consistent, measurable objectives to reduce our operational footprint, improve risk management and measure the impact of legacy activities, read the full report here.

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