Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Questions Every Event Sponsor Should Ask

During the past several weeks, the media has been full of organizations being taken to task for sponsoring events seen as wasteful or excessive (you know who they are). As a sponsor, it is a reminder of how your image becomes closely linked with the event--good or bad. When considering sponsoring a meeting or event now more than ever your good reputation is on the line. You will probably want to ask a few questions of the event organizers.

Our resident sponsorship expert, Mary Peters, has put together a quick list of questions you should be asking about green practices before opening your wallet.

1) Do the organizers have sustainable policies? What are they?
2) Is the event being planned using green meeting guidelines such as those developed by the Convention Industry Council?
3) Are the results of these efforts being measured?
4) Is the event being audited by a third-party?
5) Have the organizers calculated the carbon footprint? What have they done to minimize the footprint?

A little due diligence may keep you out of the spotlight!

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