Monday, February 2, 2009

Really?...A Sold Out Conference?

With all of the bad news about how low attendance is at conferences this winter, there is a bright spot. The "2009 State of Green Business Forum" held in San Francisco, CA today is sold out and overflowing! Folks are hungry for more information on what green means to their businesses and their future.

Along with the conference, published its annual report today. The report found many reasons for optimism, according to the authors. Green building is on the rise, spurring new technologies that save energy and money while creating more healthful workplaces. There is a green race taking place in the automobile industry, with every major manufacturer planning to introduce electric vehicles. The leading consumer product makers and retailers are starting to rigorously assess the environmental impact of their products using sophisticated metrics, sending signals up the supply chain that tomorrow's products will need to hew to higher levels of environmental responsibility.

Green business activity is continuing to grow during a down economy. To download a free report,

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