Thursday, February 26, 2009

We're Talking Trash

The Green Meeting Industry Council's Leadership Track just spent the last three days talking about sustainability, green practices, advocacy, measurement, social issues, carbon and yes, trash! Incredible conversations between really passionate professionals in our industry. How can we transform the industry? How can we make a difference? How can everyone participate in action=sustainability?

So we are issuing a challenge. We are challenging everyone in our industry to reduce waste this year and to divert as much waste as possible from the landfills and collectively report it! We believe we can divert ONE MILLION TONS IN 2009!

So here we go, start measuring your waste diversion at conferences, venues, events, hotels, universities (everyplace we travel and meet). Start collecting your data because very shortly GMIC will launch a site to report on your recycling numbers and issue a challenge to other conferences, events and venues to do the same. An award awaits the winner, perhaps the "Top Of The Heap Award?"

More details will follow in the next several weeks!

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