Wednesday, October 6, 2010

But Don't Pioneers Usually Get Shot?

California State University - Monterey Bay's Institute for Innovation and Economic Development honored myself and Amy with the Achievement for Innovation Award. This year's award went to innovators in the hospitality industry.

During the event, I listened to the spoken words about how we are pioneers and have changed an industry. I talked with students from around the state who look up to us asking our advice on how to facilitate change. I was interviewed by the press wanting to know what opportunities the local region can leverage to become leaders in sustainable hospitality. The attention was humbling as I sometimes struggle in the public eye.

But recognition for our work and the ability to share the knowledge are incredible gifts and I don't take them lightly. I am grateful and very optimistic about the future of our industry. My hope is our "pioneering" will provide a strong foundation for tomorrow's change agents.

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