Wednesday, October 13, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

I read with interest a Strategic Meetings Management Article called "Local Flavor" by Elaine Pofeldt. It talks about the trend towards smaller regional meetings and some of the benefits. Benefits like...

  • Regional events fit the practical, budget-conscious mood of the times
  • Travel cost is lower in smaller cities
  • Airfare is less
  • The meeting can be less opulent
  • Regional meetings attract, engage and retain members living far from headquarters
  • Members like to stay close to home
  • People can have conversation with many people instead of listening to only a few on stage.

All great benefits and I would add a few...

  • Environmental savings from less travel
  • Social impact of staying in the local community
  • Participant satisfaction

If you are seeing this trend in your own organization, make sure to measure the savings in terms of money, environment and social aspects, Then tell the story! Your key stakeholders such as the management team, shareholders, sponsors and participants will sing your praises.

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